Can I lose Weight By Drinking Protein Shakes?

So can you use protein shakes to lose weight? First, let’s take a look at what protein powder is designed for


What is a Protein Shake?

Protein powders & shakes can help you with numerous dietary requirements:

1. Those looking to replace a meal.

2. Those looking to increase their protein intake (because of exercise or lifestyle)

3. Help those that don’t get enough protein through raw foods.

4. Those who are looking for a healthy ‘filling’ alternative.

5. Those looking to lose weight or get leaner bodies.

Since protein shakes can be drunk within a matter of minutes, they’re a brilliant way to get a good dose of protein to power your workouts. That said, a nutritious diet is always a better option and shouldn’t be replaced with a protein powder, instead supplemented.

Drinking Protein Shakes to Lose Weight

So, how can you use protein shakes for weight loss? How can they help someone trying to shed some pounds? Some specially formulated protein powders are designed as meal replacements whereas others aid your protein increase or calorie update.

The advantage they have is the fact they’re super simple to make. Not only will a protein powder deliver between 15 and 30 grams of protein (depending on the supplement), it’ll also enable you to feel fuller for longer (protein takes a greater amount of time for the body to break down and digest). Protein meal replacements are ideal for people looking to get skinnier as they have been designed to offer very low calorie meal which is also stacked with all the vitamins and minerals you’d expect from your average meal (so you don’t miss out on anything).

Protein Shakes and Ghrelin

Did you know? When you drink a protein shake, typically a whey protein powder made up of dairy-based ingredients, the body will start to decrease the blood levels of the hormone ghrelin. This is the hormone that controls and regulates food intake or hunger.

A large amount of ghrelin in the body =the hungrier we feel.

The less ghrelin levels the body has = the fuller we feel.

A protein-rich diet also boosts other hormones like GIP and GLP-1 otherwise known as the satiety hormones. This is another reason why you may feel fuller and less hungry after drinking protein powders.

If the body has higher levels of protein, this boosts thermic activity from the food you’ve eaten. Your body will need more energy to digest food. So, more calories are burned naturally and less calories are stored in the body as glycogen or fat.

If your body has higher protein levels, this helps increase gluconeogenesis, upping glucose homeostasis. Therefore, the body maintains normal blood pressure and body temperature.

When Can I Drink Protein Powder to Reduce Fat.

When to use protein shakes for weight loss is ultimately up to you. Since weight gain is mostly down to snacking on unhealthy foods, the best thing you can do is opt for a low fat, low sugar protein shake. As a result, you’ll feel satiated for longer with the less chance of finding yourself snacking on unhealthy foods to quench those hunger pangs. You could drink a protein shake in between breakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner to curb any snacking. Start getting into the habit of consuming your protein shake after your training session so the recovery process can begin.

What Protein Powders Are Best for Weight Loss?


Packed with an impressive macronutrient profile and added minerals, fibre and vitamins, this protein powder contains just 200 calories per serving and an impressive 25g protein. It’s a great choice for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even as a dessert.


This protein powder combines three separate proteins with ingredients such as 21mg green tea and 254mg conjugated linoleic acids (CLA). High in whey and peptide bonded glutamine, this is a high-spec protein shake boosted with VIT-MX-TRIM™, a potent blend of vitamins and minerals, including 8mg niacin, 88μg folic acid, 25μg biotin and much more.


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