How many calories should a bodybuilder eat?

Building serious muscle mass takes energy, but that doesn’t mean that smashing ten thousand calories from fast food a day will build more muscle than a perfectly structured bodybuilders diet that is optimised for your body size. Check out how many calories a bodybuilder should typically eat to gain maximum muscle…

How many calories for a female bodybuilder


There’s nothing wrong with following a measured bulk-up plan, but adopting a ‘see food and eat it’ mentality can result in unwanted gains in body fat, on top of solid muscle. The muscle model approach is to start out by estimating your calorie needs using the mass gaining equations below.

Typical trainer: 20 calories x lb body mass

So, if you’re 170lbs, start out at 3400 calories per day to pack on muscle without excess fat.

Monitor your results closely for 1-2 weeks and aim to gain 1-2lbs per week with minimal fat accumulation!

Still not making gains? Then up your calories to the next level…

Hard gainer: 25 calories x lb body mass

Remember – only increase your calories when you’re failing to gain any weight. Furthermore, an increase in energy intake should always be accompanied by progression in training intensity (i.e. reps/weight), so using a strong pre-workout drink such as X-PLODE HARDCORE™ is an excellent strategy to promote quality gains.


While gorging mindlessly on food isn’t the way to bodybuilding success – a ‘x20’ intake is in itself, a lot of food for most people to consume on a 24/7 basis, especially given it’s crucial to consume quality nutrition and not too much junk (the occasional cheat meal should be the exception not the rule!).

Additionally, quality gains will be achieved when you’re consistently eating at least 2g protein per kg body mass. Consuming 3 main meals and 2 servings of OMNI MX® HARDCORE is an excellent strategy to start bodybuilding effectively; each daily dose provides 1060 nutrient-dense calories, 90g multi-release protein, zinc to aid t-levels and creatine to support rep power.

We wish you luck on your muscle building goals, and hope that the advice we give you in these posts helps you on your way to that perfect body.

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