Mountain Climbers – The Correct Technique

This week’s technique tips blog series takes a look at an awesome fat burning and conditioning exercise – Mountain Climbers! How long can you sustain max power for the ultimate #betheboss challenge?

Week 5: Mountain Climbers

If you hadn’t guessed – Mountains Climbers are inspired by the thrusting leg and arm action used to scale mountains. The move is similar to squat thrusts, but with a a more dynamic leg movement that revs-up the metabolic stress. It’s excellent for fat burning circuits, quick-fire intervals and athletic conditioning to increase VO2MAX.

Tababa fat burning  Mountain Climbers


5 min warm-up

Mountain Climbers 20 seconds

Rest 10 seconds

Perform for 4 minutes at max intensity

20-30 minutes incline walking (or similar steady state cardio to burn off released fatty acids)

Post-training: Protein shake/bar

How you can benefit from Mountain Climbers?

*Burns fat when used for circuits/interval training

*Conditions whole body muscles and core

*Increases VO2MAX for sports fitness

*Great home-training move

How to perform Mountain Climbers:

Mountain Climbers are easy to learn – here’s how to fire them out:

Technique: The set-up

*The athlete should start on all fours with a natural back curve, tight core and both toes on the ground (as seen below).

mountain climbers1

*Both legs should be fully extended away from the body. Palms firm and flat on the ground.

The active movement:

*The athlete starts the move by simultaneously thrusting the front leg back behind them, while bringing the back leg forwards (in other words, the legs exchange positions).

mountain climbers2

*The athlete then dynamically repeats the move as fast as possible with good technique, for the desired time/rep count.

Watch Jake’s Mountain Climber technique in the video below.Mountain Climbers

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