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That’s Going Straight In Your Basket. Top Feb Sellers & Why…

It’s February and your over ‘going it alone’, that voice you heard at the beginning of Jan saying ‘you don’t need sup’s’ is long lost under ‘how can I not make personal bests?’ I hear ya ‘cold turkey’ sucks. So welcome back, welcome home. Let’s put a smile back on that show pony face of yours. Roll up your sleeves and settle back into a whistle stop tour of our best 2017 sellers so far.

2017: Intense Effort – Maximum Gains – Strong Recovery.

Top 2017 February Best Seller for Weight Loss – DIET PRO ™ MEAL

If your still looking to lose the Christmas pounds (let’s face it, who isn’t following an extended festive season?)Then our DIET PRO MEAL is the one.

SCI-MX DIET PRO ™ MEAL is a complete replacement meal which means it has all the nutritional benefits of a whole meal. We follow the guidelines set out by The European Commission guidance to ensure we have added the correct amount of vitamin and minerals to offer a completely balanced low calorie replacement meal. The DIET PRO MEAL is designed to leave you feeling fuller for longer enabling you to fuel those HIIT and performance sessions.Diet meal replacement vanilla 1kg angle_840

Those who claim they can work a HIIT session on less fuel than aerobic exercise are significantly misjudging their workouts. Although generally in a HIIT Session, you’ll burn less fat, than a fat-burning, aerobic workout (for example, 45 minutes running may burn 450 calories, but a HIIT cardio session on the treadmill burns around 250-300), a HIIT session continues burning calories after the time of performance.

Known as the after-burn, a HIIT session boosts your metabolic rate and burns calories hours after your workout.

Therefore, performing HIIT sessions on a significantly calorie-restrictive diet will cause problems with your recovery and is likely to cause a ‘brick wall’ on your next session.

With SCI-MX there is no need to starve, simply enjoy 1 serving of DIET PRO™ MEAL, shaken up with 300ml of water up to twice a day, then hit the gym hard to see results. Fast.

Our February Best Seller for a 2017 Performance Boost – X-PLODE HARDCORE™

Is your goal to get faster, fitter, leaner, meaner and perform better in 2017? Then our X-PLODE HARDCORE™ must be for you.

Make an X-plosion into 2017 with an amino acid matrix, mixed with caffeine and pure L’arginine alpha-ketoglutarate, for a kick to your energy exertion and beyond-the-scale efforts.


The caffeine causes a spike in your energy levels for an enhanced workout, while l’arginine alpha-ketoglutarate is an amino acid, necessary for making nitric oxide in the liver.

The L’arginine alpha-ketoglutarate in our X-PLODE HARDCORE™ aids the liver break down the by-products of muscular exercise, meaning you can work out for longer.

This mix wont leave you feeling disappointed.

Our February Best Seller for Getting in Shape – GRS 9™ PROTEIN SYSTEM

Summer body? Pah! The hard work starts now. Our GRS 9™ PROTEIN SYSTEM is packed with protein,GRS 9™ PROTEIN SYSTEM vitamins, minerals and enzymes for summer body stamina. Designed for all day long protein release you can rest assured the slow, medium and fast proteins will be there to support your efforts all day long. It’s time to get in shape way in advance of putting your sunglasses on.

The GRS 9™ PROTEIN SYSTEM is simply mixed with 300ml-400ml of water, and consumed in the morning and before bed.

Our February Best Seller for Bulking – OMNI MX® HARDCORE

If you are looking to release the beast during February then this is the bulker for you. With 14 active ingredients, we’ve crammed the complete gain package into this mass formula. With a thick and creamy consistency this is the ultimate choice for mass and size.

Each serving of OMNI MX® HARDCORE contains 55g protein for muscle growth, 72g carbohydrates for muscle recovery, and around 554 calories.

The daily intake of calories for muscle building can be simplified by taking your body weight in pounds and multiplying it by 15-17 calories. For example, if you weigh 160 pounds, to build muscle it is necessary to consume between 1440-2080. This, of course, is a very rough guide and highly dependent on when you are consuming these calories, the intensity of your workouts, your lifestyle and your levels of protein consumption.

The OMNI MX® HARDCORE will increase workout power, reduce workout fatigue & propel maximum muscle-popping this February.

Our February Best Seller for Shredding – SHRED-XSHRED-X RIPPEDCORE™

A formula that drives real SHREDZ. If you’re looking for rippling abs and prepared to work for them, team them with our ever effective SHRED-X.

SHRED-X incorporates key ingredient for stripping fat and getting lean this February. Take up to 3 servings a day to get your shreds up to the next level.

Looking for some SCI-MX advice?

If you would like some advice to continue or improve your fitness New Year goals then why not contact the SCI-MX team on customerservices@sci-mx.co.uk with your questions. We aim to help build protein packages to aid your aspirations.

Whether you want to get lean, build-muscle or lose fat, we’ve got the product for you. Say goodbye to failed get-fit New Year’s resolutions and make February gains with SCI-MX.

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