Product Spotlight – 100% Pure Glutamine

Number icons-blue-01It’s all about 100% Pure Glutamine

This intense supplement is part of our advanced muscle range for a reason! An amino acid that is scientifically proven to support strenuous training sessions no matter what level you work at.

Working alongside the body to maintain normal blood sugar levels & buffer lactic acid when you need it the most, 100% PURE GLUTAMINE has more than one reason to buy.

Number icons-blue-02Is 100% Pure Glutamine for me? Do you…

*Weight train?

*Hit the gym?

*Play sport?

*Exercise & want to lead a healthy lifestyle?

Then yes, this product is for you! Being the most abundant amino acid within your muscle tissue, fast depletion can occur after exercise. So unless you’re about to chow down on solids straight after a sesh (we’re talking meat, fish & eggs) then this is a quick win towards restoring your glutamine levels.

Number icons-blue-03When should I use 100% Pure Glutamine?

This diverse product can be taken at any time, upon waking, with breakfast & before bed. It is easily dissolved into all beverages, so ideal if you need to quickly shot 30 minutes before or after training. Simply mix it with your fruit juice, squash, water or add to your BCAA drink. With its natural taste, you wont even notice the difference.

For best results, we recommend you drink 1 scoop 30 minutes before training and then 1 scoop directly after training.

Number icons-blue-04

Can I use 100% Pure Glutamine if I have the following dietary requirements?

*I’m a vegetarian?

*I’m a vegan?

*I’m dairy free?

*I’m wheat free?

*I’m gluten free?

*I’m soya free?

*I’m nut free?

Yes! This product is part of our “free from” range because it doesn’t contain any of the above.

A 100% pure product with numerous benefits it’s well worth a stir.

Number icons-blue-05What do our customers have to say?100% pure glutamine

‘Holds onto muscles a treat!’

Daniel. M

‘I think this is one of the best training aids ever, I don’t leave home for the gym without taking it first, and as soon as I get back home I take it again. It helps me recover from my workouts…’

Connie. C

Thinking of trying 100% PURE GLUTAMINE or need more information about the product? Don’t hesitate to contact our nutritional team with your goals… We’re here to help!

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