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What are SCI-MX cookies?

SCI-MX protein cookies are delicious soft baked cookies available in 3 popular flavours, strawberry & white choc chip, double choc chip and our newest edition, oatmeal & raisin. They’re the UK’s best-selling protein cookie because no matter what flavour you opt for, the just baked, melt in your mouth, cheat day approved taste hits you like a heavy gym session.

Number icons-red-02How do SCI-MX cookies fit into my lifestyle?

Our cookies like any product from our convenience range have FullSizeRenderbeen expertly made to fit in with a very busy lifestyle. That means whether you’re rushing from meeting to meeting, have no space for a shaker, completing the morning commute or simply after an afternoon treat. These soft rounds will satisfy a craving in a convenient way.

Number icons-red-03When can I snack on cookies?

Because our cookies taste so good you can eat them anytime. We would never recommend replacing whole foods with our snacks although we would say, if you’re on a fitness kick, looking to snack in a high protein way and have self control (yes they taste that good) then reach for a round.

Number icons-red-04Who can eat SCI-MX protein cookies?

EVERYONE, whether your living by the strategy of ‘if it fits your macros’ (IIFYM), bulking, losing weight, toning, looking for a tasty alternative, seen these at the supermarket checkout, new to protein or just a complete foodie we recommend you give them a go – you wont be disappointed!

Number icons-red-05What do our customers have to say?

“Pro 2 go Strawberry and white choc cookie – Best tasting protein sweet craving cookie ever”pro2go cookie straw single

Luiza S 5* (verified buyer)

“These new flavours are delicious too. Feels like a cheat day!!!”

Daniel M 5* (Verified buyer)

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