Product Spotlight – Duo Bars

Number icons-red-01What are SCI-MX Duo Bars?

SCI-MX PRO 2GO DUO BARS are delicious doubled layered protein bars with a difference. Coming in a variety of 3 flavours, these smooth bars melt in your mouth to leave your sweet tooth well and truly satisfied. Pick strawberry & cream, caramel & vanilla or chocolate & orange.

Number icons-red-02How do Duo Bars fit into my lifestyle?duo bars 1

Easy – You can eat them any time of the day. Our slim line bar with natural flavours and low GI carbs will leave you feeling guilt-free as they will easily fit your macros. Chow down on the way to work, before or after training or just when you feel like treating yourself!

(Personally, we’re big fans of whipping open the SCI-MX treat draw around 4pm and digging in to a choc & orange).

Number icons-red-03Why choose Duo Bars:

*Satisfy cravings

*Enjoy 20g of protein per bar

*Perfect for on-the-go snacking

*Contains a slow release protein blend

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Who are Duo Bars suitable for?

SCI-MX PRO 2GO DUO BARS are ideal for anyone playing sport, going to the gym or just generally looking to keep fit and healthy.

You can also eat our duo bars if you’re a vegetarian (as they don’t contain gelatine or fish) plus they’re nut free.

Number icons-red-05What do our customers have to say?Duo Bars

“Tastes like a treat! I’m a chocoholic and this does satisfy that chocolate need, with less guilt as I know I’m eating protein!!”

Katie. W 5* (verified buyer)

“Got these for my boyfriend….he prefers them to actual chocolate :)”

Jayne B 5* (verified buyer)

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