Product Spotlight – PRO V-GAIN

Free-from foods are hot right now, whether you’ve got a gluten or dairy intolerance or just want to switch up your diet and give your body a break from animal sources, it’s worth giving PRO V-GAIN a go to accompany your training regime.

Number icons-red-01WHAT IS PRO V-GAIN PROTEIN?

PRO V-GAIN is an advanced plant-based high protein drink mix made from rice, soy and pea proteins.


It has been proven that vegetableNumber icons-red-02 proteins can power physique gains as effectively as classic proteins like beef, whey, casein and chicken. Therefore, if you come under any of the following groups, then yes, PRO V-GAIN is for you…

* Vegan or vegetarian
* Have a gluten intolerance
* Have a dairy intolerance
* Allergic to whey protein
* Train 3 or more times a week
* Looking to support muscle maintenance and growth

Number icons-red-03KEY BENEFITS:

1. High in Protein

Enjoy a rather generous 34g protein in one serving. This is more than your average shake and a convenient and quick way to top up your daily protein intake.

2. High in BCAAs

PRO V-GAIN has an amino acid profile to rival the finest whey available! With 5.7g BCAAs per serving, you can be sure to reduce muscle fatigue, speed up recovery and absorb protein quicker to prevent muscle v gain protein 2.2kg mkt1 rgb-300x300 (1)

3. ModCARB™ Super Grains

The combination of super grains from Oat Bran, Organic Amaranth, Organic Quinoa, Organic Buckwheat and Organic Millet instantly add nutritional quality to your diet, plus it gives PRO V-GAIN a delicious texture and taste!

4. Vit-MX-Sport™

We include a number of vitamins in our products to help general health. Vit-MX-Sport™ contains vitamin B6 and 12, zinc and magnesium to help reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Number icons-red-04WHEN SHOULD I SHAKE?

After training – Refuel up to 30 minutes post-workout, this will feed your muscles with the nutrients they need to grow.

When you wake up – A great breakfast option, blend in a nutribullet with whatever takes your fancy, from fruit and veg to nuts and seeds, your opportunities are endless.

Before bed – Needing extra protein to get you through the night? Mix a quick shake and enjoy whilst your wind down from a hectic day.


I have been looking for a protein drink that tastes amazing and does not cause my stomach to bloat due to my intolerances. This is definitely it, mixes really smoothly, tastes amazing.

Rob B.


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