Product Spotlight – WHEY PLUS HARDCORE

It’s all about WHEY PLUS HARDCORE™.

Second in the series of whey we take a look at WHEY PLUS HARDCORE™ and if this products for you?

Here’s 5 reasons to buy from our advanced protein range. Chasing muscle mass and power? Problem solved!

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WHEY PLUS HARDCORE™ For Rapid Muscle Gain provides the ideal protein source for the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. We’re talking all the benefits of whey here but with added creatine and low calories for explosive lifting power and strength. This premium micro-filtered whey is boosted with glycodrive-GH™ (even more amino acids).

Number icons-red-02Is WHEY PLUS HARDCORE™ for me? Do you…

*Require a supplement to improve and increase your explosive power whilst building a stacked physique?

*Strength train by lifting or using resistance equipment?

*Do you play sport where strength & size is important?

If the answer to any of the above is YES, then yes this product is for you.

Number icons-red-03What should my goals be if I want to use WHEY PLUS HARDCORE™

WHEY PLUS HARDCORE is a dual path ‘whey’ formula that promotes rock solid muscle mass to increase your powder output  & strength. So essentially, your goal should be wanting to increase muscle size and strength potential.

Number icons-red-04What are the benefits of WHEY PLUS HARDCORE™?

There’s plenty of reasons why this protein is a first choice for so many athletes, and without just ‘banging on’ about its 26g of protein per serving, here’s a couple of reasons why you should buy and believe.

*The formulation has high levels of glutamine peptides – A highly stable form of glutamine used for it’s muscle recovery properties and high absorption rate. (first box ticked).

*Workout Power – 2g of creatine is crammed into every serving making a readily available premixed cocktail for those after strength, recovery and size. (second box sorted)

Number icons-red-05When should I shake?

New to proteins or need a refresher? There’s plenty of opportunity to shake up this powerful formula.

*Before and after training – our rapid action WHEY PLUS HARDCORE™ with built in creatine attacks torn muscle tissue fast.

*Between meals – additional meals to hit your goals can come in the form of a shake. Easily mixed, enjoy this smooth shake on its own or mixed in a recipe.

*Upon waking  – same story here, make sure you WHEY PLUS HARDCORE™replenish and repair over breakfast with WHEY PLUS HARDCORE™.

What do our customers have to say?

‘Its like an all in one without the calories or the density of a meal replacement/mass gainer. I intend to use this powder religiously now; it fills all the gaps and more. The best point is the serving size, only one scoop… the chocolate is excellent for homemade flapjacks. Tasty, versatile, economical and all in all a great product!’ 5*


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