Product Spotlight – ZMA

Not sure what ZMA is? Well we’re here to fill in the gaps!

5 quick fire answers to get your trialling the benefits of this high spec formula in no time.

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What does ZMA stand for?

ZMA stands for ‘Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate’ – quite the mouth full. Our concoction is designed to aid muscle recovery whilst raising an individual’s hormone level. ZMA also promotes rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, (the deepest sleep possible) which, whilst under, allows your muscles every chance of repair.

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Is ZMA for me?

ZMA is suitable for anyone who plays sport, trains weights or body builds as it aids muscle growth.

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When should I use ZMA?

Due to its great sleeping & recovery properties we recommend taking ZMA just before bedtime with water. This will maximise the formulas benefits of muscle recovery during your body’s downtime. Men can take 3 capsules before bed whereas females take 2. To see maximum results ensure you take for 30 days consistently.

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Can I use ZMA if I have food intolerances?

Yes, ZMA is free from a number of ‘free from’ ingredients so can be used alongside the following diets:

*Dairy free

*Wheat free

*Gluten free

*Soya free

*But free

*Suitable for coeliacs

Number icons-blue-05What do our customers have to say?

‘Not only am I experiencing a better quality of sleep
but I have noticed since taking ZMA hardcore I am able to
maintain my fat levels even whilst cutting fat during periods of extreme loading.zma1

I don’t know if this is coincidence but the only difference in my regime has been adding this supplement. I seem to be getting bigger, more powerful pumps and a decreased recovery time… every little thing helps and this is well worth a look for an effective supplement.’

5* Liam (Verified customer).

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