PRO 2GO Choc Chip Protein Brownie

Say hello to the latest addition in the SCI-MX PRO 2GO convenience range… An indulgent high protein chocolate brownie featuring:

Low sugar * Palm oil free (we use coconut oil) * High protein * Real chocolate pieces * Insane taste


We know that when people are hungry, sometimes bad decisions can be made. Trust me when I say, we’ve all been there! But rest assured our brownies are an easy choice that will quickly fill the gap – the rich and satisfying taste will help curb cravings, with 20g high quality protein and 3.3g fibre you’ll be left feeling fuller for longer and what’s more, it’ll help improve digestive health too.


Dieting and healthy eating doesn’t need to be dull! Whether you’re on a January health kick, an avid gym goer, someone who pops to the gym every now and again or a blitzer (after booking that last minute holiday) this is an ideal post-workout pick-me-up or mid-morning snack.


OK, we admit, it’s not the most technical of all our products, but we assure you it’s alot better for you than your standard brownie! We’ve even baked it for that real brownie texture you deserve, making you feel like you’re eating a naughty treat – perfect for the chocoholics amongst us.


Each 65g brownie contains a substantial 20g protein, but don’t let this put you off. We’ve masked the taste of the protein so well you wouldn’t even know it had protein in it! Don’t believe us – tweet us #scimx and we’ll send a brownie to the first 10 tweeters. We’ve also cut the sugar, included coconut oil (not palm), made sure there’s no more than 250 calories per bar which is whopping 50% less than your standard brownie and included real chocolate pieces.


There’s only 3.3g sugar which is a real deal maker amongst the 70% of snackers who believe that brands should do more to reduce sugar in their products.

Buy our great tasting protein now, available online at


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