As Strong As The Coffee You Drink!

The latest addition to our convenience protein range – A high protein Columbian iced coffee with ZERO FAT and super LOW SUGAR for the coffee lovers amongst us!

This may not be the first protein coffee available on the market, but it’s certainly got the highest protein content available on the market! With 30g per serving, you’re not only getting a caffeine kick from this drink, you’re providing your muscles with the nutrients they need to grow and tone. This is the equivalent to eating a large chicken breast, minus the hassle and time of cooking it!

We’re helping beat the war on sugar and have used natural sweetener instead – There’s no nasties here, with only 1.9g sugar per serving, you can enjoy this smooth and refreshing Arabica coffee that is rich and creamy in flavour at any point throughout the day, whether you’re looking to build muscle or lose weight and tone up. If you do the maths, you’ll find that there’s actually 92% less sugar than your typical iced coffee, so enjoy guilt free!

These 310ml bottles can be served chilled or ambient for ultimate convenience (although we think you’ll prefer it chilled!) which means you can stuff a bottle in your gym bag for a top-up pre or post-workout.

Not massively into weight training but prefer more cardio based exercise? No problem! You can still enjoy our PRO 2GO PROTEIN COFFEE at any time during the day – Why not switch up your 11am caffeine hit with a protein coffee to help you feel fuller for longer. Plus, it’s got the same caffeine content as a regular coffee (82.5mg per serving) so you’ll be buzzing afterwards.

The RRP is £1.99, which is pretty much middle of the range price, meaning you’re getting more protein for your money compared to similar products out there!

Check out the nutritionals for yourself… we’re not exaggerating when we say it’s better for you than a regular iced coffee…

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So what are you waiting for head here to get your hands on our creamy and delicious protein coffee.

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