If you want to pack on lean muscle and ward off unwanted body fat, it’s not enough to simply train hard. Sports supplements make the difference between physiques which are simply “OK” and those with real “wow-factor”. We know you want to achieve the best physique you can have. That’s why you take your sports nutrition seriously. No doubt you train hard and heavy and follow up each workout with the optimum combination of supplements to boost muscle recovery and kick start the muscle repair process. But what about priming your body before you get through the gym doors? Are you one of those who throw down a quick cup of coffee and hope for the best? Or do you know that the secret to a great training session starts 45 minutes before you’ve set foot in the gym.

Pre-workout boosters are the hidden weapon in the nutritional tool-kit of every physique you admire. That guy in the gym who always looks lean? He’ll have a favourite pre-workout booster. Professional sportsmen and high-level amateur athletes? They all know the power of a pre-workout formula.

What to look for in a pre-workout booster

SCI-MX understands how to get your body and mind primed to smash each training session, and our well-researched pre-work out boosters focus on the one thing that delivers the greatest effect – naturally boosting nitric oxide (N.O.) levels in your body. N.O. is a favourite of gym users, strength athletes, body builders and anyone looking to build muscle. N.O. is a vasodilator, meaning it dilates blood vessels to allow more blood to flow through them. By boosting the flow of blood to your muscle tissue, nitric oxide helps increases the amount of oxygen and amino acids your hard working muscles receive during your workout, significantly helping increase energy and nutrient delivery, improving the efficiency of lactate removal, triggering an increase in growth hormones and giving you a noticeable muscle pump. So by boosting your N.O. levels with our X-PLODE HARDCORE™, you will increase the level at which your muscles can work, allowing you to train much harder for much longer and we all know what that means – you guessed it, more muscle and strength gains.

Serious muscle ‘pump’ is one of the noticeable effects that you get from taking X-PLODE HARDCORE. Muscle pump refers to the increase in size and hardness of muscles caused by theenhanced blood flow as you train. Apart from all the training and muscle building benefits X-PLODE HARDCORE will provide, it’s an awesome feeling seeing your muscles looking larger and can have a really positive motivational effect too, lifting you mentally to push for more reps and even greater muscle gain results.

X-PLODE HARDCORE contains the crucial nutrient, arginine alpha-ketoglutarate, for nitric oxide power and an even longer-lasting pump. It also contains dextrose monohydrate, which will quickly pump glucose into your muscles to encourage a great workout, ginseng to ward off fatigue and guarana which is a natural source of instant energy from caffeine giving you more drive and focus during your training session.

Why use a pre-workout booster?

X-PLODE HARDCORE is the preferred pre-workout booster of serious strength athletes and professional sportspeople including the Bath Rugby Team and Trojan Free Fighters. What do they know that we can share with you? They know that X-PLODE HARDCORE not only delivers great muscle power and pump, but also gives them incredible focus and determination to push through the hardest set and toughest rep, enabling them to train harder and longer for increased strength gains and athletic improvement. And they know that X-PLODE HARDCORE pre-loads muscles for fullness and size like you’ve never seen before.

Who needs a pre-workout booster?

In short, if you want to maximise the results from your exercise and training regime, whatever your end goal, X-PLODE HARDCORE will make all the difference. If you’ve never used it before, it will be like living by candlelight and then discovering the electric light bulb. The difference will be immediate and you’ll never want to hit the gym again without it. You’ll find that it gives you an undeniable edge over the competition, making you look pumped, feel great and gives you incredible focus to push out extra reps after everyone else has gone home.  If you already use it you’ll know how good it is.

So remember, your workout starts 45 mins. before you hit the gym with a serving of X-PLODE HARDCORE™. 

Train hard!

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