How To Sleep For Maximum Muscle Growth

Sufficient nightly rest is crucial for optimal hormone production whether you’re seeking fat loss or muscle growth – so here’s how to hack your way to physique sleep…..


During optimal sleep the body goes into a process known as the ‘anabolic drive’, associated with the release of restorative hormones such as testosterone and GH, and the corresponding neutralisation of catabolic compounds like cortisol. Deep sleep, specially when combined with adequate protein supply (such as GRS 9-HOUR PROTEIN or cottage cheese pre-bed) is therefore key to promoting muscle repair and growth. Sleep quality is also correlated with lower levels of body fat – particularly in the Ab region!


We mean this in more ways than one!GRS 9™ PROTEIN SYSTEM

1. Switch off the TV, laptop and mobile phone ideally at least 30 minutes before you go to bed and do something relaxing – bright lights trick you mind into wakefulness and can make it very hard to slip into deep zzzzzz.
2. Take a hot bath or shower – it causes your core temperature to rise and then dip once you’re out of the tub. Research suggests a cooler core promotes relaxation and restorative sleep.
3. Keep your room cool at night to send your body into a mini-hibernation mode – always under 20 degrees! Turn off the central heating and keep a window open to stay chilled.


Melatonin is a key deep sleep hormone and a real essential for optimal physique repair and growth processes. Crucially, melatonin production is believed to be strongly associated with the level of darkness – so avoid moonlighting! The best option is black out blinds – next best is thick curtains or stealing your girlfriend’s eye mask (no, we’re not joking!). One last thing – cover up florescent alarms, phones and laptops – they are proven to interfere with sleep rhythms.


Physique sleep is a paradox – you need to try and get 6-9 hours of quality rest, but the downside is that’s a long time to starve muscles of amino acids! The solution is to consume approximately 40g of multi-source protein around 30 minutes before bed, such as GRS 9-HOUR PROTEIN or OMNI MX HARDCORE; they give you a fast supply of whey to stimulate protein synthesis, plus slow-release casein to combat muscle breakdown. They also contain zinc and vitamin b6 to support testosterone and hormone regulation. Add ZMA to your pre-bed routine for higher levels of these potent nutrients.

Sleep needs taking as seriously as your training.

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