Product Spotlight – ULTRA WHEY PROTEIN

It’s all about ULTRA WHEY™.

This month were celebrating whey and why its such a staple product, kicking off by putting a spotlight on the UK’s best-selling whey protein, ULTRA WHEY™.

We’re giving you 5 reasons to buy our gym bag staple, no boffin baffling here just HARDCORE facts.

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  1. ULTRA WHEY™ increases lean muscle = limited fat + maximum muscle growth. So if you’re looking to see a clear difference through training hard, this has your name all over it. No bulk or bloat our ULTRA WHEY™ ticks lean boxes. Forget ‘will this make me fat?’ Whey proteins are repairing broken muscle after a dedicated workout. Think density per square inch.

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  1.  Is ULTRA WHEY™ for me? Do you…
  2. *Train with weights
  3. *Train physique
  4. *Play sport
  5. *Bodybuild
  6. *Workout at the gym

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then YES this protein is for you! From beginners to advanced ULTRA WHEY™ PROTEIN is a proven choice.

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  1. Can I use ULTRA WHEY™ if I have the following diet?
  2. *I’m a vegetarian
  3. *I’m a coeliac
  4. *My diet is wheat free
  5. *My diet is gluten free
  6. *I can’t have nuts

ULTRA WHEY™ protein is FREE from all the above so your really narrowing down your excuses now.

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  1. Fussy eater? Please, we have the following flavours to tantilise your tastebuds.
  2. *Banana
  3. *Chocolate
  4. *Strawberry
  5. *Vanilla
  6. *Raspberry Ripple (limited edition)

Light on the palette, this easily digestible, smooth formula gets to work immediately, we call it rapid action for a reason.

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  1. When’s the best time to shake?
  2. *Upon waking – either as a whole shake or as a milk substitute on your breakfast cerealultrawhey
  3. *Before and after training – refuel yourself!
  4. *Between meals – avoid sugary snacks & load up your shaker with protein goodness.

What do our customer’s have to say?

“Amazing! Delivery was really fast and after having bought a 908g tub I decided to go for the 2.28kg tub, went strawberry for both! Best decision I’ve ever made, the taste and the benefits of this protein is incredible! A must buy”  5*
Alexander H.

Why not find out the benefits for yourself & head over to our ULTRA WHEY™ page. Choose your flavour and size and hit up the gym. Don’t forget to #scimx so we can see how your getting on.

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