The Channel Swim Challenge – Get Behind The Lads!

The Channel Swim Challenge – Get Behind The Lads!

We’re pleased to announce that we have teamed up with the charity “Rugby for Heroes” to support military personnel who are making the transition to civilian life.

The charity is committed to providing financial and personal support to help individuals overcome the many challenges that this transition presents.

Channel Swim 2017 – Get Behind The Lads!This is a charity close to our hearts and our first mission is to support two swimmers become the first two-man team to swim to France and back this July 2017!

We’re working closely with the swimmers and providing them with all their supplement needs to help them train to the max and smash their goals between now and July.

John and Mark aim to become the fastest two-man team to make the double channel crossing; this feat has only been attempted once and the time to beat is 31 hours 28 minutes…

Channel Swim 2017 – Get Behind The Lads!Meet John and Mark

Their swimming journey began when they were 8 years old – both team mates at Gloucester City Swimming Club. Although they were highly competitive swimmers at county level, not everybody is destined for Olympic gold and unfortunately by 17 years old, other commitments had to take priority and the swimming fizzled out. Channel Swim 2017 – Get Behind The Lads!
However, at the age of 40, the pair reunited and egged each other on to enter in several extreme swimming challenges which got them hooked and, well, the rest is history!

The lads have been training for their upcoming challenge for about 6 weeks now and are already noticing a difference in their recovery since using a supplement stack made up of:

  • GRS 9 PROTEIN SYSTEM – This is a great product for the lads to take throughout endurance training, whereby they’re swimming for any time between 1.5 to 4 hours. This will also be good for when they build up to the their swims of 25 hours+
  • RECOVER 2:1 ISOLATE – This is perfect post-swim to help the body recover from extreme sessions and help with DOMS
  • BCAA INTRA HARDCORE – This will help increase the body’s natural anabolic response (meaning they won’t lose muscle) and taken during breaks between each hour of swimming

Supplements are essential for strength and endurance as they’re undergoing extreme training, continuously pushing their bodies to breaking point! John and Mark are not accustomed to supplementation previously but their first impressions are good!

John says “I really can’t believe the difference, it’s almost like they have given us a new level of confidence and we’re able to push more and more every time we train”.

We get regular updates from the lads; so far, their training is going well despite suffering from a virus that lasted longer than expected during their first training block.

The training sounds pretty intense… “We are currently in week 1 of block 2 which we are enjoying as this is a recovery week so only swimming 25k, we will then swim 35k, 37k and 40k in weeks 2, 3 and 4”.

They’re hitting the cold water next week (meaning they’ll be swimming in the sea for 1 hour blocks) to start acclimatising so keep an eye out for the footage coming soon!

CLICK HERE to get behind the lads and help support Rugby for Heroes.

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