Top 10 Gyms To Join In 2017

Sometimes change is the only thing you need!

We’ve scoped out our top 10 gyms to get you excited about fitness in 2017!

Check out the top 10 gyms to join in 2017. Not for the faint-hearted: Take your chance to be hardcore, competitive and intimidating. It’s simple. Get stuck in.


Most PureGyms are open for 24 hours and are located in 170
different locations throughout the UK. With flexible contract options and great rates, PureGyms are great for newbies, as well as current gym goers who don’t want to be tied in for a set time period.


1 Rebel is a highly-intense, London-based gym. The gym instructors are described as the people you love to hate. Ride, Reshape and Rumble your way into 2017. Each session is priced between £16 and £20, so you’ll want to make sure you get there with your energy SCI-MX high. Bring it on.

The Gym Group

There is no contract involved with The Gym Group and, what’s more, they claim to be the gym that makes it clear to you where you stand (squat, lift and row). Open for 24 hours a day, you’ve got lots of opportunity to get fit with The Gym Group.

David Lloyd

David Lloyd has 81 gyms across the UK and offers a huge range of equipment so your workout never gets boring. The gym is divided into specialised zones, including areas for cardio, free weights, functional training and more. Get. On. It.

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness offers loads of membership benefits, including a free Get Started Plan, personal training options and group fitness classes.

Anytime Fitness has 3000 gyms worldwide and are open 24/7 for fitness. Anytime. Anywhere.

What’s more, you’ll find a fabulous range of SCI-MX products at Anytime Fitness to guarantee you an intense and fuelled workout, as well as a quick recovery.


Challenge yourself with FitnessFirst. There are numerous FitnessFirst gyms situated across the UK. They offer personal training plans, as well as group exercise classes and one-to-one training.

Third Space

Located in Soho, London, Third Space is an exclusive gym that can help guarantee you a great workout. The gym has a Rig gym, a Retro Gym, as well as a range of classes, including studio cycling, Tabata, 50:50 HIIT and more. A workout with a difference? Most definitely.

Virgin Active

There are 61 Virgin Active Gyms located across the UK and here you can certainly try something new. What about Freedom Climbers (indoor climbing with no helmet, harness or ropes) and anti-gravity yoga? Intrigued? We are too.


Equinox offers 11 different categories of innovative group exercise classes, alongside Tier X, the most advanced kind of personal training. Tier X works on lifestyle and behaviour management, focusing on movement, nutrition and regeneration. Transform yourself at Equinox.

The Fifth Dimension

The Fifth Dimension is Stroud’s most popular health club and features an Olympic weight lifting platform, as well as over 80 studio classes per week.

Chosen your gym?

Get set to hammer your gym sessions and recover with SCI MX protein this year, and you’ll definitely increase your strength, muscle endurance and muscle mass.

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