TOP 10 Stocking Fillers

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift, dropping a hint or treating yourself this Christmas we’ve knocked 40% off selected best-selling stocking fillers for one week only just enter ‘STOCKINGFILLER’ at the checkout.


1 ULTRA WHEY, it’s the UK’s number 1 selling protein for a reason. This formula is ideal for the beginner or advanced gym goer, so whether you’re X-PLODE HARDCORE™dipping your toe in the supplement world for the first time or a full on gym junky this is the one to bag at 40% off.

2 X-PLODE HARDCORE pre-workout essential! Once you’ve finished stuffing yourself full of mince pies and feel glued to the sofa, we recommend taking two scoops of X-PLODE HARDCORE to get your motivation levels maxed & back into the swing of PB’s.PRO 2GO® CARAMEL CRISP

3 Caramel Crisp undeniably the tastiest bar on the market, weighing in at 65g this chocolate bar is a serious contender for 2017. Mistaken for a normal everyday chocolate bar we can’t get enough of them & don’t think youPRO 2GO® MILKSHAKEwill either.

4 PRO 2GO Milkshakes – our recently rebranded milkshakes are not be missed. 8 little bottles crammed full of thick protein will satisfy even the fussiest taste bud. We stick them in our gym bag & slurp on the go.


5 GRS 9, if you live a demanding lifestyle, PT, work outside, constantly active or need support at lots of different times of the day then grab yourself or a gym buddy the SCI-MX GRS 9, proven to offer slow, medium and fast release proteins for all day support.

6 SHRED-XSHRED-X RIPPEDCORE™ without doubt this is January’s best seller. Everyone wants a piece of our fat burning capsules come the New Year when they’re after results fast. Maximum strength, endorsed by pro athletes this bad boy is a kit bag winner.

7 DIET PRO MEAL if you’re planning on  DIET PRO™ MEALdropping the weight in the new year this is the one for you. Replace a morning, lunch or evening meal with our nourishing meal replacement shake to ensure you don’t miss out on vital vitamins & minerals whilst keeping hunger at bay.

8 BCAA INTRA HARDCORE – athlete Claire Aves doesn’t work out without BCAA INTRA HARDCORE™this. Maximise growth & repair torn muscle fibres during heavy workouts. Drop 1 scoop of our BCAA intra into your drink & away you go. (A definite January must have)!

9 One for the lads 17-T. Doesn’t need much of a hard sell, it supports 17-T SOMATOCRI MX™testosterone and anabolic drive. More muscle less fat!!

10 ZMA  – if you struggle with sleep this is your jam. Our formula helps bring on Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep which is the deepest sleep possible. Allow your body to make full use of its downtime & take 6 capsule’s before bed for ultimate recovery.


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