Top Protein Choices For Breakfast On The Go.


We don’t always have the time to make ourselves a nutritional and protein filled breakfast every morning – especially if we’re in a rush and on our way to work. But that shouldn’t mean that you have to miss out on your protein fix.

There are plenty of protein filled breakfast options you can whip up in 5 minutes or less, wolf down, or even take with you!

Make in 5 minutes

Protein Latte

You wake up bleary eyed, rushing around and have barely enough time to have a shower. You’re going to need something to get you going!

Although it can be tempting to grab a takeaway coffee on the way to work or the gym, shop-bought coffee can be high in fat and sugar, so how about trying our deliciously creamy homemade protein latte?

 You can make it in less than 5 minutes – all you need is a blender, your protein powder of choice (we recommend vanilla flavoured PRO V-GAIN), and some almond milk! Not only will it give you that caffeine kick to start your day, but fuel your body with protein for your daily workout regime. Throw it in a takeaway cup and grab a banana, and one of our PRO 2GO Flapjacks, and hey presto, there’s your breakfast on the go!

Super Strawberry Protein Shake

Your perfect plant based fix on a busy morning, our super strawberry protein shake is not only a fruity, fresh start to the day, but is packed full of healthy antioxidants.  Added flaxseeds mean that it is full of fibre, heart-healthy omega-3 fats and B vitamins.

You can make it dairy free by adding coconut or almond milk, and it can be easily whipped up in a few minutes using a blender, or even prepared the night before for an even quicker exit. Packed with antioxidant rich berries and protein, it is the perfect option for a healthy, energy-fuelled breakfast.

Make the night before

Overnight Oats

Porridge is the ultimate filling breakfast for an active day, and so easy to up the protein by enriching with protein powder. Sometimes we’re in such a rush that we don’t have time to give porridge the attention it deserves, which is why our slow cooked protein porridge is the ideal solution for a hectic lifestyle. All you need is oats, water and your protein powder of choice – we recommend vanilla ULTRA WHEY Protein for the perfect creamy texture and taste.

One Minute

Low carb chocolate protein mug cake

Ready in just one minute, our mug cake recipe means you’ll never have an excuse to skip breakfast! This simple recipe just requires a few common ingredients found in your cupboard – baking powder, an egg, sweetener, milk and Ultra Whey Protein. Throw it all in a mug, 60 seconds in the microwave and you’ve got yourself a zero-fuss, filling, delicious and nutritious breakfast on the go!

Grab it as you go out the door

If you really are flat out in the morning you may want to just grab something pre-made that you can just throw in your bag and wolf down when you get a chance.

Thankfully there are plenty of protein packed and tasty options to choose from:

PRO 2GO Flapjack – Made with milled oats and flaxseed, and packed with whey based protein, these flapjacks are perfect as an emergency breakfast option as you run out of the door.

PRO 2GO Oat Bake Low in sugar, but high on protein, our oat bakes are the ideal healthy snack breakfast. Pair with one of our protein smoothies, coffees, or shakes, and you’ll have the head start you need on the day!


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