Protein is the cornerstone for building muscle size and power. Not only does protein provide the ‘building blocks’ that make up muscle tissue, it also provides the amino acids that play a variety of roles in triggering new muscle fibre growth and enhancing natural muscle anabolism. Countless research studies show that the right kind of protein will fast-track your training results and GRS 9-HOUR® PROTEIN should be part of your daily regime if your goal is a more muscular physique. GRS 9-HOUR® PROTEIN is perfect for power athletes, body builders, and those training with weights to build lean muscle size, sculpt razor-sharp definition, gain more strength, increase power, and recover much faster than normal.

What makes GRS 9-HOUR® PROTEIN different and more effective than any other protein is the carefully formulated combination of five protein sources that trigger maximum muscle gain and keep muscles supplied with the right amino acids for up to eight hours. Not only is it the optimum blend of these protein sources, but we have also added precise levels of the most important amino acids, vitamins, minerals and support nutrients that further enhance GRS 9-HOUR® PROTEIN’s muscle building effects making it the UK’s most advanced protein supplement.

Here’s how GRS 9-Hour® Advanced Protein Powder Works

SCI-MX GRS 9-HOUR® PROTEIN has been formulated without compromise using the most effective muscle building proteins known to science. These include whey concentrate, whey isolate, milk protein concentrate, egg albumin and soya protein isolate – 5 powerhouse proteins in one muscle-feeding shake! Precise blending harnesses the benefits of each protein source, maximising growth and recovery. Whey protein provides ultra-fast delivery of amino acids for nutrient craving muscles, and the addition of Aminogen® helps to enhance the rapid digestion and absorption of whey protein, increasing essential anabolic nitrogen levels by 32%! The fast digesting components of GRS 9-HOUR® makes it perfect for optimising muscle repair and recovery immediately after training or quickly stopping protein breakdown first thing in the morning.

Whey protein is well known for producing high rates of protein synthesis, but the effects quickly drop off over time. That’s why GRS 9-HOUR® PROTEIN also includes milk casein, a very slow digesting and supreme form of protein which research shows is effective at stimulating protein synthesis for up to 9 hours. Egg white protein is included for its medium rate of metabolizing, as well as soy protein isolate which is high in arginine and also metabolizes gradually. This combination of fast, medium and slow release proteins ensures that your muscles are continually flooded with all the muscle building aminos they need. The sustained anabolic environment this creates ensures you get maximum muscle-gain from every single workout.

Only the finest quality ingredients are used

Building muscle isn’t just about how much protein you take – the quality of protein is also essential. Cheap protein sources are less effective, taste bad and cause unwanted side effects like a bloating and flatulence. With GRS 9-HOUR® PROTEIN you know you are feeding your muscles with the best, European produced protein sources available. The whey protein we use is cross-flow micro filtered using a cold process. This is widely accepted as the most bioactive and effective whey protein source for muscle gain. This is coupled with egg white protein (still a bodybuilder’s favourite) and premium European milk protein concentrate. The final component is soy protein isolate, which recent research has proven can match the amazing muscle building benefits of whey protein.

BCAAs are muscle building gems

To take GRS 9-HOUR® PROTEIN from being great to outstanding, we have elevated the levels of the most bioactive amino acids. Leucine, isoleucine and valine are often referred to as the branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). These essential amino acids play a vital role in reducing muscle breakdown, improving recovery and accelerating gains in strength, so when formulating GRS 9-HOUR®, SCI-MX scientists specifically selected proteins that are rich in BCAAs. Research trials also show that leucine is the most bioactive of the BCAAs and a few examples of this are production of tissue factors that reduce muscle breakdown, increased nitrogen retention and sustained growth. To make GRS 9-HOUR® PROTEIN even more effective we added extra leucine boosting the BCAA content to a muscle growth-commanding 8g per serving.

Glutamine completes the matrix

Anyone who has done any research on improving muscle recovery and growth after exercise would know about the amazing benefits of glutamine. In addition to being one of the most concentrated amino acids found in muscle tissue, it is essential for nitrogen transport. Research also shows it improves recovery after hard training to trigger maximum growth, and perhaps most notably, glutamine is also proven to stimulate the natural anabolic environment. GRS 9-HOUR® PROTEIN contains a substantial 10g of glutamine in every serving.

Protein optimised with micronutrients

The importance of vitamins and minerals for recovery and growth is often overlooked, when in fact they are essential to protect bodily proteins against breakdown. That’s why SCI-MX developed Vit-MX-Sport™, a high strength combination of vitamins and minerals to specifically meet the needs of strength, muscle and power training. Vit-MX-Sport™ contributes to healthy immune function, muscle oxygenation, optimum anabolism and muscle and nerve function, helping your body to work as hard as you demand it to.

Compare GRS 9-HOUR® PROTEIN to any other protein and it is obvious that it is superior in every way. You get as much effective whey protein as an ordinary whey protein drink for your short term, fast acting protein needs plus all the gradual release benefits of the medium and slow release protein types. It is often voted as ‘best-tasting protein’ and is recommended by more personal trainers and muscle building gurus than other proteins.


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