Protein Snacks You Should Share With Your Valentine…

It’s February and that means your other half may well have started talking about how you should celebrate the day of romance.

Whether or not you feel the pressure to be the ultimate romantic, Valentine’s Day needn’t be a reason to skip the gym and change your well-calculated nutrition plan.

Take a look at the following 3 SCI-MX snacks that are perfect for sharing this Valentine’s Day (see, we told you you’d get away with it!).

Pro2Go Brownie

Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be the same without a chocolate-y treat, and the PRO 2GO Brownie is certainly a winner amongst chocoholics!

What’s more, because the SCI-MX PRO 2GO Brownies contain 50% less sugar than standard brownies and are high in protein, they make for a more nutritionally rewarding Valentine’s Day chocolate alternative.

After all, after an intense workout, your muscles are depleted and tired, and therefore, a protein-rich sweet snack will help them recover more efficiently, in comparison to a standard chocolate bar.

High GI foods (foods that are high on the Glycaemic Index), like the SCI-MX Brownie, are most beneficial when consumed post work-out and should be consumed within 90-minutes post training for optimum muscle building benefits.

Why high GI? Food and drinks that are high on the GI scale increase the production of insulin, to maximize glucose absorption and re-fuel your machine.

Fitness Fortune Cookies

If you’re prepared to brave the bake, the BBC Good Food Fortune Cookies are a great choice of Valentine’s Day snack.

We all know that BBC Good Food aren’t exactly fuelled by high-protein, high-fibre recipes but are indeed experts when it comes to unique and unusual baking ideas.

That’s why, we’ve found the BBC Good Food’s recipe for fortune cookies and have shaken them up SCI-MX style for a Valentine’s day treat with a muscle-building benefit.

Include a personalised message if you’re feeling particularly loved-up, but most importantly, swap the vanilla essence in the recipe for SCI-MX vanilla ULTRA WHEY and perhaps go easy on the caster sugar as a healthier option.

Pro2Go Duo Bar

Perhaps too good for sharing, our PRO 2GO Duo bars are low GI bars that are proven to provide slow release carbohydrates for effective workouts and a steady release of energy.

Available in Strawberry and Cream, Chocolate and Orange, and Caramel and Vanilla flavours, our Duo Bars are sure to please both of you this Valentine’s Day.

When to go low? Low GI Foods are, ultimately, those foods that are ranked low on the GI scale. This means that they digest slowly and don’t provide such a peak in blood sugar and insulin levels.

Happy Valentine’s Day from SCI-MX! Enjoy our pick of Valentine’s Day Snacks!

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