Whey Protein Shakes for Boosting Muscle Growth

Getting a mix of wholefoods and supplementary proteins is the way most serious physique trainers optimise their intake – but whey protein retains a reputation as the most popular protein source for physique development. Here are four reasons why it makes sense to use whey protein shakes for boosting muscle growth…


A serving of whey protein contains as much protein as a monster chicken breast or steak – ULTRA WHEY™ PROTEIN gives you 35g per 2 scoop serving. It’s therefore an excellent anytime protein with or between meals to top up your diet with enough quality protein to support muscle repair, maintenance and growth. The average physique trainer needs 150-180g protein daily (1.8-2g protein per kg body mass), so 2-3 servings of whey easily gets you 70-105g protein. Add on 3 meals with 20-30g protein and it’s job done!


Whey protein is regarded by many researchers to have the highest biological value of all proteins – a marker of how efficiently the body can utilise a protein for muscle growth. The power of whey is explained by its excellent spectrum of all 22 amino acids, high levels of BCAAs and glutamine, and natural growth factors. Simply put, whey protein is an ideal protein for weight trainers. Whey containing supplements such as ULTRA WHEY™ PROTEIN, OMNI MX® HARDCORE and GRS 9-HOUR® PROTEIN are loaded with potent levels of amino acids and the finest quality whey proteins, specifically geared to support weight training results.


Whey protein is a highly functional nutrient with a fast digestion speed, particularly when you consume a supplement that contains rich levels of purified hydrolysed and isolated whey, such as ULTRA WHEY™ PROTEIN. This unique characteristic of whey supplements make the protein very effective at triggering protein synthesis, by flooding muscles with high concentrations of amino acids. This is why research has looked at the potential for whey protein to spike protein synthesis effectively when consumed every few hours during the day – particularly before breakfast, before/after training and between meals. The classic physique trainer diet of 3 meals plus 3 whey-containing shakes is highly effective.


Protein quality should always be paramount when it comes to finding a whey that’s going to help you maximise muscle recovery and growth. However, let’s face it – shakes that taste awesome are a real winner. We recommend trying the newly formulated ULTRA WHEY™ PROTEIN – it’s getting raving reviews on Twitter, so try it out and see how great premium-grade whey can taste!

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