Winner Chris Arkley Talks #BETHEBOSS

We caught up with #BETHEBOSS winner Chris Arkley after his ultimate challenge at Body Power Expo to find out his thoughts on the challenge.


  1. Hi Chris, thanks for catching up with us, so, tell us how do you feel having won the #BETHEBOSS competition and a holiday to Ibiza?

AWhen I arrived on the day, and I saw the competition I was up against I knew I had to give it my all and winning wouldn’t be easy. Therefore winning the competition and getting a holiday to Ibiza was an awesome feeling and a huge motivational boost.

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  1. Can you tell us, what training went into the preparation for the #BETHEBOSS challenge?

AA lot of my previous training was based around strength training but knowing I would be competing on the SCI-MX stage I started incorporating higher volume and HIIT training into my sessions which really worked my muscular endurance and cardiovascular system. A few changes I included were 20 rep barbell squats, beach sprints yoke walks and getting out on my bike.


  1. Do you train regularly? What’s your regime in the gym?

AMy training has been very consistent over the past 7 years. Up until quite recently I was following a legs, push, pull routine which I loved and allowed me to train certain muscle groups more frequently over a week. I found this routine helped me to put on muscle mass and it also fitted in with my busy lifestyle. I have now switched to training each muscle group separately which is working really well for me. I am able to train with more intensity and include more variety for each of my exercises.


  1. How were you feeling on the day once you were stood next to all the other competitors?

AArriving at the SCI-MX stand and seeing my competition initially made me feel nervous. The atmosphere around the stand was buzzing with people, although speaking to the other competitors seemed to calm my nerves.

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  1. Which was the most painful exercise for you?

AThe most challenging exercise for me would have to be the jumping lunges at the end. After beating my legs up with plyometric jumps, air squats and the killer burpees my legs were burning with the lactic acid build up and fatigue.


  1. How did you feel when you were taking part? Did it help having the likes of James Alexander Ellis and Arran Arogundade there to spur you on?

AHaving the athletes spur me on and motivate me whilst pushing my way through each exercise really helped me win the competition. I remember at the beginning of the challenge Arran Arogundade said “now it’s time to work, you can chill in Ibiza”. Another big boost was when I was doing the push ups and James showed me my time so far 3 minutes 30 seconds. I knew then with double vision that I could win this.


  1. We saw you having to leave shortly after completing the challenge, how were you feeling?

AFunny you should ask. This challenge really pushed me outside of my comfort zone, I felt ill. I had the encouragement of top athletes and the crowd cheering me on so I knew I was going to give it everything I had, which resulted in me with my head down the toilet.


  1. How did you celebrate after the challenge at Body Power Expo?

AIt took me a while after the competition to regain my energy and feel normal but driving home to Newcastle I stopped off and had a T.G.I to refuel my body.

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  1. Did you think your video would get into the top 10 and what would you recommend others to do for their videos in the future?

AI didn’t think my video would make the top 10 because I only found out about the competition a few weeks before the closing date. I would encourage more people to display their feats of strength and agility by posting their videos and believing they can also compete and win future competitions.


  1. After winning a £100 voucher to spend on SCI-MX, what products did you go for?

AI spent my voucher on the SCI-MX Whey Protein, Creatine and the X-PLODE pre-workout.


  1. Would you recommend SCI-MX to others?

AI would highly recommend the SCI-MX supplements. I have been using SCI-MX products for a few years. I previously worked as a sports advisor for the Nutri Centre and I’ve done instore events for SCI-MX. I still use and would continue to use and recommend products by SCI-MX.

Think you can take on Chris’s time of 4 minutes and 18 seconds to beat the boss? Why not checkout Chris’s video here or click on the image below to watch Chris’s video taking you through all the exercises.

Let us know how you get on by #SCIMX with your best efforts.

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