Women’s vs Men’s Protein – Is There A Difference?


There is a lot of conflicting information out there when it comes to protein. How much should you be taking? When should you be taking it? Should women and men take different types of protein? Isn’t protein just protein after all?

For years protein supplements and powders were marketed mainly towards men. Rewind 20 years, and the perception of protein supplements was that they helped men to ‘bulk up’ for the gym, or weightlifting. This image meant that many women, didn’t buy into protein for fear of bulking up & growing unwanted mass.

Fast-forward to today, and of course we now know, that protein is effective at building strength and stamina in any workout or sport – whether you’re a man or a woman! Our knowledge of protein has improved vastly and we are now armed with the knowledge of pulling all the science right back to basics, protein is a building block for the body and regardless of gender we all have, and need those building blocks. However it’s still clear to see some protein products targeted towards men and women separately. Why? And should we pay attention to the gender specific marketing?

Different Amounts of Protein

We all need different amounts of protein – this isn’t related to your gender, but your weight, and fitness regime.

For any person doing regular strenuous exercise – 3 or more times a week –  it is recommended that you consume 2g of protein per 1 kg of body weight.

The average man will therefore need to consume an average of 30g more protein per day than the average woman. It’s important to recognise the difference between products within the SCI-MX range as our nutritionists carefully formulate products by goal.

Protein by Goal

It is more helpful to look at protein in terms of goal, instead of gender.

Certain types of protein formulas help us achieve certain training goals. If our goal is to bulk up – whether we’re a man or a woman – we should be using muscle mass building drinks or meal shakes such as MUSCLE MEAL HARDCORE or Whey based drinks like WHEY PLUS HARDCORE

If you want to build lean muscle mass, and strength for sports like running, or cycling,  you would want to choose something like PRO V-GAIN Protein or ULTRA WHEY.

Women’s bodies contain just a fraction of the testosterone needed to build up lean muscle tissue – meaning that it is much more difficult to ‘bulk up’ using protein as a man would. Whilst this makes it more difficult if bulking is your goal, it means that women who want to build strength and not necessarily muscle, shouldn’t be worried about taking proteins. Men and women need slightly different vitamins to keep their bodies running at full capacity. Some protein drinks and powders marketed towards women, may contain specifically added vitamins such as folic acid, and iron.

So IS there a difference?

The short answer is – no. Although certain protein powders may market themselves towards a men or women, it is the ingredients you want to pay close attention to, as mentioned above some may be tailored towards women who would want to lose weight and therefore contain extracts of green tea and others may be better suited to men who are looking to increase mass in a big way. It’s about knowing what’s right for your goals.

 If you want to understand the type or amount of protein that you should be taking, you would be better making this decision based on your fitness goals and workload, NOT your gender.

We like to think we have made this even easier for you. Head back to our homepage and hit the main menu, browse from goal categories like running, swimming & CrossFit or by timing.


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