How to work out Carb and Protein ratios

When it comes to the carb and protein ratio of your diet, it can be confusing to eat the right number of calories from each macronutrient group – and furthermore, know when to eat them for optimal physique results. Although every trainer will benefit from experimenting with their individual macro intake – the info below will help you create an effective nutritional strategy….


Protein basic ratios

Regardless of your physique goal, the ratio of protein in your diet should remain very stable. The amount you want to be aiming for is around 30-40% of your energy intake (multiply your weight in kg by 1.8-2 to find your daily protein levels – e.g. 80kg x 2 = 160g protein). Protein is actually really simple – find you level and stick to it! When you diet-down, you protein intake is likely to be nearer to 40% of your total calorie intake, since you’ll be reducing carbs!

Carbs basic ratios

Although some trainers like to experiment with very low carb diets, a balanced ratio of 30-50% of carb calories is a good general recommendation; 50% being suitable when bulking, and 30% for attacking the fat. Supplementing with a goal-specific all-in-one supplement OMNI-MX HARDCORE, LEANCORE, RIPPEDCORE) is an excellent strategy for consuming the right ratio of carbs:protein to help pack on mass, build lean muscle or shred fat.


Although the total carb and protein content of your diet may be set up as 35% protein and 40% carbs (with 25% coming from fat), this doesn’t mean that the ratios of your meals and snacks have to contain the same macro levels. Furthermore, by manipulating the macro’s in your meals depending on different times of day, you’ll boost results. The best times for increasing carb intake is when your muscles are most sensitive to sucking-up glucose – breakfast, immediately post-workout and around 90 minutes after training. At other times of day, sticking to small carb servings or opting for protein and fats will help optimise lean physique development.OMNI MX® HARDCORE

Example of manipulating your carb intake while always getting your protein:

High-carb breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 slices wholegrain toast, 1 bowl porridge, OMNI-MX HARDCORE
Lunch: Tuna and olive salad
Snack: Protein shake + almonds and handful blueberries
High-carb Post-workout: OMNI-MX HARDCORE
High carb post-training meal: Jacket potato with tuna and sweetcorn + 1 bowl home-made apple crumble
Snack: Cottage cheese or protein shake with berries and 1 spoon peanut butter

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