Workout fatigue and how to combat it

It’s July so it can only mean one thing – workout fatigue – the scourge of training to get ripped and defined! Use my essentials tips to keep on track…..


One big stumbling block to getting body fat below 10% is the fatiguing impact of calorie reduction and increased workout intensity. Paradoxically, both are essential, but they’re a doubled-edge sword!

I’m going through this myself right now. The abs are appearing, but I’ve had to pull-out my anti-fatigue strategy to prevent a plateau.


1. Cheat meal > Every 7 days I have a cheat meal to refill muscle glycogen stores and provide a psychological boost. What constitutes a cheat meal for me? A 3 course meal out; then get back on it!

2. Pre-workout > X-Plode Rippedcore. Gaurana is a big nutrient here for negating fatigue, because its caffeine content is proven to increase alertness and reduce perception of effort during exercise. It also contains vitamin B12 which helps reduce training-related fatigue.

3. Recovery > Keep protein intake to 2g/kg body mass daily and consume a shake immediately post-training. The remainder of calories are split between carbs and good fats. If you fail to recover and get a balance of macros – the fatigue will get you!

4. Sensible calorie deficit > Elicit fat loss without excessive fatigue with a max cut of -500kcals below maintenance (from training and nutrition combined!).

To train hard and get in the best shape possible – you’ve got to make an enemy of fatigue. It will try and beat you – so don’t let it win!

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