Afternoon Capsules

When it comes to mid-afternoon, it is common for fatigue to set in.

It can be difficult to get enough protein in your diet through food alone to give you the long-lasting energy needed to get through a full day, especially when there’s training involved. Taking a protein supplement around mid-afternoon can give you a little added push when you need it, helping you get through the rest of the afternoon and still have energy enough to put in some meaningful training at the end of the day.


Find mid-afternoon capsules from SCI-MX

It may be that you don’t like the taste of protein shakes or bars, that you have an allergy, or simply don’t have the time to make your own shakes.

Whatever the reason, choosing capsules to increase your energy throughout the afternoon is an easy choice. Simple to swallow and packed full of nutritional benefits, our capsules have been created by a team of experts who specialise in sports nutrition and wellness. Beat the afternoon blues and stay on track with the best protein supplement to suit your needs. Products like the SHRED-X RIPPEDCORE™ capsules are especially popular, as they feature natural energy-boosting ingredients like green tea, caffeine, guarana and green coffee bean. As these capsules should not be consumed within four hours of bedtime and contain such powerful ingredients, they are a great choice for mid-afternoon.

If you plan on training in the afternoon, having some capsules high in creatine can increase your physical performance. Our fast-acting CREATINE CT-MX™ capsules are therefore perfect – simply enjoy one 30 minutes before your workout to notice the difference.

Buy protein capsules and achieve your optimum nutrition

Trying to obtain all the protein needed to give your body the adequate support when training through dietary sources alone is incredibly difficult.

The body needs high levels of protein, which is why protein capsules are an easy way to supplement your diet.  Increasing your protein intake can not only give you more energy for your workouts, but it can also aid with your weight loss efforts. A 2005 study revealed that those who obtained 30 per cent of their daily energy intake from protein felt less hungry throughout the day, and ultimately lost more weight than those who did not. Whether you want to bulk up or trim down then, finding some time to integrate a protein capsule into your afternoon protein can help you on your way.

Shop today, and discover how easy it can be to achieve your training goals with the help of SCI-MX protein products. 




High strength weight management capsules.

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