Afternoon Protein

When mid-afternoon tiredness and hunger strikes, it can be easy to reach for sugary snacks in the hopes of getting an energy kick.

While the quick release of sugar may bring your energy levels up in the short term, ultimately unhealthy afternoon snacking can derail weight loss efforts and leave you feeling too tired and bloated to put in maximum effort at the gym. With our healthy and delicious protein supplements, you can stay on track whilst still getting the maximum in taste and nutrition. We have a range of snacks, drinks and powders for you to simply grab-and-go, or make your own protein shake recipes to your taste.


Benefits of having afternoon protein

Studies have shown that afternoon snacking on high protein foods rich in soy can reduce appetite in adults and adolescents, which can also delay subsequent eating.

If you are looking to combat over-eating without denying yourself, choosing healthful protein supplements instead of sugary snacks and drinks is the best way to help you through the afternoon slump. Consuming a delicious protein snack mid-afternoon (around 3pm) will give you the push you need to get through the working day, and if you choose one of the SCI-MX products that have been developed with added vitamins and minerals, you’ll have ample energy to get through to your evening workout as well.

Shop the best protein supplement for your needs

For ready-made, nutritious snacks, try products in the Pro2Go range.

Purpose made with convenience in mind, these products are an easy way to give yourself that pre-workout or mid-afternoon pick up that you need to smash your targets. Our PRO 2GO® COOKIE is available in three different delicious flavours, and comes in a little or large size depending on your afternoon appetite. At just 253 calories a bar, our delicious caramel crisp is a choice that’s both healthy and guilt-free. This triple-layer treat features 9% less sugar than a chocolate bar and delivers 21g of protein, all while ensuring you stay on track and can snack healthily.

When that afternoon slowdown hits, make sure you stay on track by making the healthy SCI-MX choice. Needs assistance choosing the best protein supplement to help you through the afternoon? Our SCI-MX team of experts is here to give you the help you need when shopping online. Click here to browse today, and find the best protein afternoon snack that meets your needs.




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