Evening Capsules

Need to power up your evening workout quickly?

SCI-MX has the best range of capsule protein supplements to suit your needs and help you reach your training goals. Our capsules and tablets cover a range of requirements, so whether your goal is weight loss, muscle mass, an increase in performance and endurance or to maintain your current physique, you’ll find something suitable amongst our selection.


While you may already enjoy some of the best protein shakes in the SCI-MX selection, many of our capsules have been formulated to provide other benefits such as hormonal support and regulation, and maintenance of blood cholesterol concentrations. Taken as part of your overall diet and fitness regime then, these capsules can play a big part in helping you achieve your training goals with success. 

What take protein capsules in the evening?

Whether you are planning on working out or are having a rest day, ensuring your body has ample protein to process in order to repair muscles overnight is important.

If you don’t have time to make whey protein powder shakes yourself or simply don’t like the taste, opting for capsules is a great way to avoid the prep and clean up whilst still obtaining a powerful hit of protein. In addition to protein, we also have capsule products that provide other health benefits.  ZMA PLUS HARDCORE™ capsules are fortified with vitamin B6 along with other vitamins and minerals to help with hormonal balance and testosterone support. These are best taken right before bed on an empty stomach, and you should take for 30 days in order to see optimal results. Our 17-T SOMATOCRI MX™ capsules have been specifically designed to work while you sleep as your anabolic drive peaks. Taken with water before bedtime for 30 days, these tablets will provide powerful training support to your system through eight active ingredients.

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When it comes to achieving your optimal gains, getting high quality protein into your system on a daily basis is important.

While eating foods that are high in protein may seem like the easiest source, trying to achieve the high levels necessary through diet alone can be time consuming, expensive and ultimately unattainable. Enjoying our easy-to-swallow protein supplements in capsule format saves you this hassle, and provide you with peace of mind that you are in fact getting the nutrition you need.

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T & GH targeted anabolic support system.

    • With 17-T-GHRH-MK2
    • Multi pathway formula
    • Works during sleep


Zinc, magnesium & vitamin B6 with additiona...

    • High strength formula
    • ZMA® 2000E & L-OPTIZINC®
    • Boosted with VIT-MX-T™