Evening Protein

If you are in training, when it comes to putting fuel into your body, it’s not enough just to ensure you are getting high levels of protein into your diet.

Both the quality of the protein and the time at which you consume it are also important. At SCI-MX, we have taken both of these factors into account to create snacks, drinks and powders that contain the best protein suitable for consumption in the evening.


Why take protein in the evening?

It is known that consuming protein 30 minutes prior to and following a workout can help your muscles to repair and prepare, so if you are planning on working out in the evening, taking some protein around this time can be beneficial.

It may be that a busy schedule prevents you from working out during the day, or that you simply prefer some time in the gym to unwind your mind and help tire out your body for a good night’s rest. Whatever the reasons, ensuring you get ample protein into your system if you’re planning on working out later in the day is essential to help muscles be at their best.

What’s more, consuming protein before bed will help you build muscle faster and improve strength over the long term. This is because protein delivers amino acids into your system, which help your muscles to repair while you sleep. Giving your body this extra time to process the nutrients can give you a fighting edge over the competition, and help you see big improvements in your own personal training. With the range of best protein products from SCI-MX, finding something that suits your needs is easy.

Shop SCI-MX protein products

If you’re looking for a convenient way to increase the amount of protein in your diet, our range of snacks, drinks and whey protein powder is ideal.

You can shop based on your protein timing requirements, so you can easily find something that suits your specific needs. Having protein products such as our Pro2Go shakes are a great way to get a quick shot of protein into your system. Available in a number of different flavours, these are easy to simply remove from the fridge and enjoy before or after an evening workout. Our WHEY PLUS HARDCORE™ whey protein powder is a high-performance shake formulated with training amplifiers, designed for you to have first thing upon waking and once before bed.

At SCI-MX, all of our products are formulated by nutritional experts to ensure you are getting the highest quality protein supplements possible. Shop now to discover the full evening range. 




100% plant-based complete protein

    • Suitable for vegetarians & vegans
    • Dairy & gluten Free
£27.99 £20.99
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Delicious high protein Golden Syrup Pancakes...

    • NON GMO
    • 26g whey protein per serving
    • Only 99 calories per pancake
    • Perfect for breakfast