Fat Mobilisers

Optimal essential fatty acid intake is vital for the physique trainer who desires peak body composition and body aesthetics. While essential fats can be obtained from the perfect diet – maximising your intake on a daily basis is an 'impossible' task.READ MORE >

It's a hassle to always eat oily fish and flax seeds for their EFA's, and expensive grass-fed meats with rich levels of conjugated linoleic acid. Fortunately we have the solution, with a range of targeted fat mobilisers and cell binding compounds, formulated to effortlessly optimise the fatty acid intake of serious physique trainers.

Our range of fat mobilisers includes Tri-Omega EFA – a highly purified blend of cold water fish oils, potent flaxseed oil, EPO, Ribes Nigrum and natural tocopherols. This advanced EFA blend supports a range of biological pathways that are key when it comes to supporting muscle growth and the control of body composition. This important supplement can be stacked with CLA-1000 Leancore – a high strength conjugated linoleic acid complex that provides the benefits of one of the most researched weight management nutrients available.

We only use effective levels of CLA c9/t11 and t10/c12 isomers, which have been studied for their affinity to bind to fat molecules and promote their metabolism into energy. If you're hot about optimal nutrition and achieving a lean and muscular physique, then taking your fatty acid intake seriously, is vital. At Sci-MX we're confident that our range of advanced weight management and fat mobilising supplements, will provide you with the EFA's needed to help maintain a fat loss diet.




Conjugated linoleic acid softgels.

    • Full strength CLA
    • High in active isomers
    • Easily digested softgels