Morning Snacks

At SCI-MX, in addition to delicious protein whey powder shakes, we also have a number of tasty snacks that can be enjoyed as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

Whether you’re looking for a meal replacement snack to start your day, or want that perfect mid-morning snack to give you a boost ahead of a lunchtime workout, we have a number of protein bars, flapjacks, brownies and other baked goodies that provide a healthy alternative to sugar-filled snacks.


Browse our best protein morning snacks

At SCI-MX, we know how important a role proper nutrition plays in your quest for fitness.

This doesn’t mean just at mealtimes, but with everything you consume. By eating delicious and healthy protein snacks, you can start your day with a powerful hit of high quality protein that will release into your system throughout the morning. These pre-made tasty snacks can easily be taken to work, the school run or enjoyed elsewhere on the go - all you need to do is unwrap and enjoy our deliciously formulated protein snacks. Ready for some on-the- go morning goodness? Our delicious PRO 2GO® OAT BAKE delivers 15g of protein per bar, a delicious alternative to a sit-down oat breakfast that is washed down perfectly with your morning cup of coffee. When that mid-morning slump hits, instead of turning to sugary snacks, fuel your body with quality protein flapjacks and bars. Our soft-baked PRO 2GO® BROWNIE enables you to enjoy a sweet treat that contains 50% less calories than your standard brownie. Furthermore, you can enjoy 20g of protein with every bar, helping you to stay on track when you’re training.

Browse our best protein morning snacks

Whether you are training for an event, are working towards weight loss or simply want to maintain energy throughout the day to keep putting in your best performance, making healthy choices when it comes to snacks is crucial.

Start every day the right way with the best whey protein snacks available. At SCI-MX, we ensure all our products are made with the highest quality protein available, and we fortify our snacks with added minerals and nutrients so each bite is as delicious as it is healthy. We have gluten-free and diet products available too, catering to a range of different dietary restrictions and preferences.

When it comes to healthy morning snacking, trust the experts at SCI-MX. Shop our selection today and find what you need to get your day off to a strong start so you can work towards your goals. 




High Protein Milkshake

    • High quality protein
    • Delicious tasting
    • Convenient to drink
    • Available in smaller multipack


Fat free & Low in sugar

    • 23g of high quality protein per serving
    • Fat free & Low in sugar
    • Only 114 calories per serving
    • Suitable for vegetarians
    • Guilt free, great tasting and suitable for anyone needing a quick & easy protein fix