Post-Workout Drinks

To maximise the results of any workout or training session, consuming a fortified whey protein shake or drink immediately afterwards is essential.


Your muscles will be tired and sore, and so your body needs the extra help to heal to come back stronger and fitter. A great post-workout regime of clean eating, hydration and smart supplements can translate your hard work into the best possible results. At SCI-MX, our dedicated team has developed a range of the best whey protein post-workout drinks to provide you with everything you need to optimise your workout results.

What are the benefits of post-workout drinks?

The three key benefits of post-workout drinks are recovered energy levels, damage repair, and gains in muscle mass and size. Post-workout drinks deliver key supplements to your body quickly to help you feel your training benefits sooner.

How do I choose the best whey protein post-workout drink?

Understanding your individual physical and workout goals can help you choose a post-workout drink that is the best match for your needs.

Our updated and improved RECOVER 2:1 ISOLATE™ drink mix delivers a full recovery system, helping you consolidate that heavy gym session into tangible results. A glycogen replacement system stabilises energy levels, while substantial protein content and amino replenishment encourage muscle growth. A vitamin C hit helps to repair damage and magnesium reduces fatigue. Drawing on the latest research and fitness trends, this is a ground-breaking recovery mix that drives real results. For a grab-and-go protein hit, our PRO 2GO® MILKSHAKE is a pre-mixed milkshake packed with 22g of high quality protein. Available in strawberry and chocolate flavours, it’s a convenient way to feed your protein hungry body after a tough gym session. It’s perfect for those busy days when you have to squeeze your workout into a packed schedule.

Shop gold standard whey protein post-workout drinks now

Our research and development team are continually working towards creating the best whey protein products to help you improve your personal performance.

That means paying close attention to how best to deliver high levels of quality protein to assist with your recovery after a gruelling workout. At SCI-MX, we know that recovery should never be an afterthought, and so we offer a range of products to support your post-workout phase alongside your individual training needs. Shop today to find the best protein supplement for your specific workout and training needs now.




High Protein Milkshake

    • High quality protein
    • Delicious tasting
    • Convenient to drink
    • Available in smaller multipack


Fat free & Low in sugar

    • 23g of high quality protein per serving
    • Fat free & Low in sugar
    • Only 114 calories per serving
    • Suitable for vegetarians
    • Guilt free, great tasting and suitable for anyone needing a quick & easy protein fix