Pre-Workout Capsules

If you’re feeling sluggish mid-session or are not hitting your training goals, it could be time to think about whether you should be consuming capsule protein supplements before your workout.


The fuel you put into your body ahead of your training plays a key role in your success. Uncovering the perfect blend of nutrients and supplements to drive your best performance is one way to unlock your real potential, and our SCI-MX pre-workout capsules are an effective way to get the optimum nutrition needed before a workout.

Why choose pre-workout capsules?

Pre-workout capsules offer a fast, efficient and hassle free delivery system of pre-workout nutrients and supplements to drive your best performance.

Our team has developed the best protein capsules that are easy and quick to consume around your schedule, with no need to worry about mixing drinks or shakes. If you find some workout powders and drinks quite literally difficult to swallow or just unpleasant to taste, capsules can provide an easier way to obtain your pre-workout boosts. It can also be more convenient to carry around a handful of small pills over a drum of powder or a shaker especially if you hit the gym in your lunch break or after work.

How do pre-workout capsules work?

Pre-workout capsules release important nutrients, amino acids, and other helpful workout boosters into your blood stream after being absorbed in your stomach. Capsules are blended to focus on a range of training outputs and are usually taken a few hours prior to your gym session.

Discover SCI-MX workout capsules

Here at SCI-MX we offer a range of blended capsules, tailored to help you meet your individual fitness targets.

Our BCAA NANOSTACK™ capsules deliver an important blend of three key amino acids, leucine, isoleucine, and valine. This combination of essential acids supports muscle building alongside muscle repair to increase lean, strong muscle whilst aiding recovery. Our capsules offer the purest hit of BCAA on the market and are a solid foundation for improving strength and size. For a lean, ripped physique, our upgraded SHRED-X RIPPEDCORE™ offers the perfect combination of endurance boosting caffeine and shed inducing green tea, green coffee bean and cayenne. Prepare for your next event or take your physique to the next level with this powerful pre-workout capsule.

Shop the best protein pre-workout capsules available

Whatever your training goals, we have the best protein capsule to help.

Find your ideal pre-workout capsule with SCI-MX. Combining the very latest scientific research with years of workout experience, we can help unlock your true potential. Shop now, and discover our range of capsules and other protein supplements.




High strength weight management capsules.

    • SHRED-FAST™ Complex
    • Maximum strength
    • with VIT-MX-Lean
    • No after-crash