When it comes to the importance of protein for swimmers, increasing the intake of quality protein both before and following a session in the pool is without doubt. 

If you are serious about your performance and overall health, then you need to take your protein intake seriously as well. Similar to other endurance sports, there is the myth that the main source of your nutrition should come from carbohydrates; although they are very important, ignoring other macronutrients like protein is likely to be having a negative impact on your performance.


As part of an efficient and all-encompassing swimmers nutrition plan, the right level of protein will help your body to recover following the intense stress and pressure of  training. Swimming is often hailed as an all-body workout, strengthening multiple muscle groups at a time. As a swimmer, you will need more than the recommended daily allowance of protein, which is where our  supplements can help. Designed to increase your protein levels in a targeted way, the SCI-MX range of swimming whey protein has been created using sports scientific research and top quality ingredients to create the finest product possible.

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Protein deficiency can lead to fatigue, muscle weakness, and a lower immune system.

If your protein level intakes are below what they should be, then it can be seriously minimising the effects of your workouts - especially those prone to overtraining. As a swimmer you will need considerably more nutritional gains than the recommended daily allowance, which is where our before and after swimming protein supplements can be of help. Whether you are looking for ready-made protein shakes for teenage swimmers in training, established tri-athletes, or professional or amateur swimmers, our range has a number of different products available. When you are in the midst of competition season, it is crucial that your recovery gets you back to your best as quickly as possible so you can get back in the pool to train again.

If you have an insufficient amount of protein in your diet, then your recovery time will increase and this will increase your chances of injury. If this isn’t addressed, it can worsen and you will start to feel your muscle fatigue holding you back. The best diet for swimmers then is one not just high in carbs, but also rich in protein. For a speedy recovery every time, we would recommend our RECOVER 2:1 ISOLATE™ , which contains 19% RI of magnesium to contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. In addition to taking protein before swimming, you can incorporate this into your post-workout regime to see the benefits.

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There is a common misconception that protein will make you gain muscle mass, but this is only likely if you increase your protein and do heavy resistance training.

For swimmers, the combination of consuming the right levels of protein with your training is likely to help you achieve the lean body with mostly muscle that is needed to succeed in swimming. Shop our range of protein for swimmers today, and if you have any questions about our products, a SCI-MX expert will help point you to the product that best fits your body weight and training.




High protein drink mix with added vitamins, min...

    • Multi-stage release system
    • Lean muscle gain
    • Advanced blend of 6 proteins


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    • Caffeine-free with no stimulants
    • With VASO6 muscle pump activator
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    • 3 soda flavours - Cherry Cola, orange soda, raspberry lemonade


High potency formula with 300mg caffeine

    • Formulated for laser sharp focus
    • Amino-nootropic formula
    • Stackable with sci-mx pump pre workout
    • 3 soda flavours - Cherry Cola, orange soda, raspberry lemonade