Testo Powder

In order to function optimally, both men and women require certain levels of testosterone.

This hormone helps improve muscle tone, mass, and growth, and speeds the recovery time between workouts. It is also essential for a good night's sleep, which any strength or power athlete knows is an integral part of staying fit and healthy.

If you're over or approaching 30 years of age, it's time to consider adding a testosterone powder supplement to your daily routine. Studies have shown that natural hormone levels decrease when you enter this stage of life, and this can have a significant effect on your body and general health.If you're keen to maintain training into your thirties and beyond, testosterone powder can help you stay well on track with your goals and continue to enjoy the gains you've worked so hard to achieve.


What does testosterone powder do?

Having the optimum level of testosterone can aid muscle gain, maintain lean body mass, improve the quality of your sleep, and enhance your libido.

As a result of these health benefits, higher testosterone levels are also associated with higher confidence levels both inside and out the gym.However, once the hormone begins to naturally decrease with age, you can face a whole host of health issues, such as fatigue, weight gain and low sex drive. Adding testosterone powder into your daily diet plan then can help to combat these issues.

Fortifying your pre- and post-workout drinks with testosterone powder is an easy way to boost levels back to where they need to be, so that you don't have to compromise your fitness goals. With the right training programme and healthy eating plan, you can restore your testosterone to even higher levels than ever before.

Why use testosterone powder?

If you're not keen on taking capsules, taking a testosterone booster in powder form could be the perfect option for you. It's also a flexible option, since you can choose to mix it with your pre- or post-workout shake, or simply take it with water. With testosterone powder, you can also be more precise with the dosage, rather than being limited by the size of the capsules.

Taking testosterone powderregularly can have a tangible effect on your body and overall sense of wellbeing. It can be helpful to take stock of where you are and where you want to be before you start taking the supplement - that way you can track your progress and set realistic goals.

Discover testosterone powder from SCI-MX

At SCI-MX, we have a number of powder products that contain high levels of bio-active ingredients, along with ingredients like zinc, whey, creatine and ZMA that can help you restore testosterone levels and improve your workouts overall.

Our powders have been expertly formulated, so all you need to do is mix into your drink of choice and consume daily. When it comes to achieving optimal fitness, ensuring your hormonal balance is also optimal is key. Browse our selection of testosterone powders to find the product that best suits your needs today.




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