Are you a seasoned athlete looking to bulk, or a hard gainer looking to gain some muscle mass fast? Choose from our range of industry leading mass gain formulas, proven to make an impact on your gains.


From our Flagship OMNI MX® HARDCORE approved by informed sport providing an all-in-one solution for serious gains, to MUSCLE MEAL HARDCORE™ a heavyweight meal replacement or an extra meal to top up your macros? It’s all about ‘massthetics’ and we have formulas that deliver big results.

Our trusted formulas are nutritionally rich in macro nutrients that will  power you through some serious reps and promote muscle growth. Choose from hardcore powders (pre-workout, intra-workout, all-in-one mass gainer and a heavyweight mass system), or capsules (t-boosters, vitamins and minerals) that use the latest technology to generate powerful workouts and even more powerful results.

There’s no limitations to what our bulking products can offer you and whether you need a little or a lot for everyday support we have tubs in a range of sizes. Not sure where to start? Why not stack X-PLODE HARDCORE™, the most explosive pre-workout on the market with OMNI MX HARDCORE™, our elite grade all-in-one mass gainer with everything you need to grow – it’s a no brainer.

Finish up with a daily intake of ZMA PLUS HARDCORE™ the high strength capsules engineered to maintain normal levels of testosterone and help your body rest and repair.

Our bulking products are proven to work, they’ve been tried and tested on elite athletes so why not pick up some tips from  Arran Arogundade’s ‘Rules Of Bulking’ or his training programme to add strength and size.


Bulking Top Products


“If you’re looking for mass and size you can never go wrong with OMNI-MX® HARDCORE. I stick to a high protein diet combined with heavy weights and a selection of SCI-MX products, my staples include CREATINE MONOHYDRATE, ZMA PLUS HARDCORE™ & BCAA INTRA HARDCORE™, they get results, taste great & mix really well”.

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