Dieting can be a real struggle – whether you’re trying to kick cravings, reduce your calorie intake, change life long habits or resist food favorites, it can be a challenging journey that’s rather daunting. SCI-MX is here to help, with tailored formulas designed to keep hunger at bay. Choose from our convenience products that include all-time favorites such as chocolate peanut butter or banoffee diet flapjacks that contain less than 250 calories, to the all new snack size PRO 2GO® MILKSHAKE in Chocolate Dream & Strawberry Delight – fat free with no added sugar, they are the must have dieting refreshment that help you avoid junk food altogether.


For proteins powders specifically designed as meal replacements, choose from DIET PRO™ MEAL – ideal when replacing breakfast, lunch or dinner, low in calories (200 per serving) but high in protein, its designed to keep you fuller for longer. There’s #noexcuses why you can’t find the energy to smash out weights or circuits and have an advantage over your peers.

Time to build lean muscle whilst attacking fat! Ensure you hit dieting from all angles with a plethora of supplements. Essential pre-workout fat burners from SCI-MX include SHRED-X RIPPEDCORE™ & CLA1000 LEANCORE™. Paramount to getting maximum results from your workout you’ll see transformations that surpass your expectations – just make sure you team your efforts with essential nutritional support. Find everything you need in our articles and blog area or follow the rules our professional athletes live by and share your results with us on social.


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“It’s essential that I still support my body whilst dieting. Eating frequent, small meals to manage hunger, I make sure 1-2 of those feeds come from a SCI-MX shake. DIET PRO MEAL™ has less than 200 kcals with 26g of protein, great for maintaining muscle mass whilst benefiting from its other active ingredients that help fight fat! I can keep exercising with energy whilst dieting with SCI-MX.”

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