Protein Bars

 The Benefits of Protein Shakes

The best Protein Shakes are those with high bioavailability, meaning the protein comes from a quality source that the body can easily extract nutrients from to help build and repair muscle.

A whey Protein Shake tends to have the highest levels, with the rating of whey on the bioavailability scale being around 104. For reference, whole milk is around 91, casein is roughly 77, and soy is 74.  

When considering your own Protein Shake Recipes, high levels of protein and other essential nutrients are vital.  Protein Shakes that pack the most punch will be made from powders with complete protein mixed with foods like bananas, spinach and yogurt.


But, it’s not just the ingredients the determine the effectiveness of a Protein Shake. Timing is important, too.  In general, the best time to consume one is right after a workout. Why? Because this is when your body starts repairing muscle damaged during your session.

Protein is essential for building and maintaining mass and, without it, the body is unable to form the biochemical structures that are required for muscle repair, growth and healing. If you are doing a lot of activity that’s strenuous on your muscles, especially activities like weight training,, ensuring you heighten levels of protein accordingly is important.

It’s also important to recognise the fact that protein works with men’s and women’s bodies differently. But, that doesn’t mean either gender should skimp on their RDA.  There is often a misconception that if women consume too much protein, it will lead to unwanted weight gain. On the contrary, women can actually benefit from Protein Shakes, even if they want to lose weight.  That’s because protein doesn’t just help repair muscles. It also helps boost metabolism, curb cravings and keeps you feeling fuller, longer.

Regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman, we have a number of ready-made Protein Shakes to help get you reach your fitness or weight loss goals.  In order to cater to variances in diet, we’ve developed recipes for our shakes and powders that are suitable for vegans and vegetarians as well as those with gluten and lactose intolerances.

What are protein shakes?

Protein shakes are milkshakes that have high levels of protein added for fast absorption into the body. Our Protein Shakes and protein powders provide a quick, easy and tasty way to supplement food intake with a direct shot of several grams of protein at a time.

Struggling to decide between ready-made protein shakes and protein powder? It all depends on your workout schedule and personal preference.  Pre-made drinks can be a time saver and great for those who squeeze in workouts during lunch breaks or before work.

Shakes are versatile, convenient and delicious. And, with a number of different flavours on offer as well as vegan and gluten-free options, our products are suitable for a range of different athletes.

Making your own protein shakes

You can use various SCI-MX protein powders to make your own shakes. Here are 5 easy protein powder shake recipes for you to try.

If you are interested in making protein shakes without protein powder, check out more recipes in our nutrition hub. Our protein shake guides also cover protein shakes versus milk shakes and information on the UK's most advanced protein shake.  

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Shop our Best Protein Shakes

At SCI-MX, we’ve taken our favourite Protein Shake recipes and turned them into ready-made products, ideal for use on the go, in between meals, or before/after a workout.

Rather make your own? We have several protein powders available in a number of different flavours that can be easily mixed, too.




Soft baked, chunky choc chip protein brownie wi...

    • Available in smaller multipack
    • No palm oil
    • 250 calories per bar
    • 50% less calories than a standard brownie


High protein nourishment bar.

    • High protein
    • Delicious tasting
    • Natural flavours
    • Low GI carbs


High protein flapjack.

    • Quality protein
    • Natural milled oats
    • Added flaxseed
    • Delicious tasting